Automatic Grease Lubrication Systems For Highway and Off Highway Applications

Transport Applications

Automatic single-line O-grease greasing system with a pneumatic or electric pump. Groeneveld supplies the single-line automatic greasing system in a special version for trucks, trailers, buses, forklifts and many other applications. This system greases all greasing points simultaneously, at the right moment and with the correct amount of grease. Because of the regular greasing, vital parts such as the kingpin and the fifth wheel coupling will remain greased at all times, so moisture and sand are repelled. Wear of expensive parts is reduced significantly without you having to give it a single thought.
The benefits of an automatic greasing system are time gain, no extra service stops, reduced wear, reduced repair costs and greater reliability. Additionally, the follower plate in the Single Line pump unit is a standard feature. It covers the grease in the reservoir.

The advantages in brief:

> less maintenance;

> less wear;

> lower repair costs;

> optimum availability of your equipment;

> greater operating reliability.

> fewer service episodes.

Off Highway Applications

Off-highway operation is synonymous with tough environments for operators and equipment. Regardless of weather conditions and other circumstances, the job must be done. This environment demands optimal maintenance of equipment. However, scheduling enough time for regular maintenance isn’t always in line with the timeframe of the job. Unexpected, costly, downtime of equipment is your worst enemy. With many years of experience in this industry, Groeneveld has developed innovative and quality products to improve utilization of equipment and to save money on the maintenance budget.

Proper lubrication of equipment takes about a minute per grease point. With the Twin Automatic Lubrication System, it takes a minute to grease them all. It’s done while you’re performing the job and “in motion”. Therefore, excellent distribution of grease is guaranteed inside the bearings. Groeneveld has established a worldwide reputation as a supplier of products to enhance efficiency and lowering operational costs per hour.

Dual line 2-grease system

The TWIN 2-grease system is a fully monitored greasing system, consisting of a plunger pump, a main line network with metering units and a secondary lines network to the greasing points. The selection switch allows the user to set the best possible interval – for specific applications – between greasing cycles. The grease moves to the metering blocks through the main lines. The pump automatically switches off as soon as the pressure in all metering units has reached a minimum of 100 bar. The advantage of this particular system set-up is that the greasing points furthest away from the pump will receive the specified amount of grease at full pressure.

Follower plate system

The standard pump equipment features a follower plate which follows the grease level. It prevents oxidation of the grease as well as funneling of the grease within the reservoir, while the reservoir wall remains clean. The actual grease level can be seen immediately. Because of this follower plate, the TWIN is excellently suited for use with biodegradable greases.

TWIN, obvious benefits

•less downtime
•reduced maintenance and repair costs
•higher residual value
•fully monitored system with check light/display, memory and diagnosis
•accurate, temperature-independent metering with dash-mounted selection switch
•standard equipment includes reservoir with follower plate and minimum level switch
•kit mounting instructions and parts information for many vehicle types

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