Proven time and time again to keep your fleet operational in the coldest of climates!

Webasto engine heaters are designed to perform in the most demanding on and off-highway conditions. They offer an ideal solution for improving performance, reducing fuel and maintenance costs and increasing operator comfort for the widest variety of vehicles and machinery.

Versatile Webasto heaters are ideal for use in Construction, Agriculture, Mining, Forestry & Logging, Industrial, and other off-highway applications. The TSL heater is a 12-Volt Diesel heater, with 24 volt units available as well, (Thermo 50 Pro). 

In today’s competitive marketplace, only the smart succeed. That’s why smart fleets and owner operators alike turn to Webasto for solutions to help stop idling their profits away while reducing operating and maintenance costs.

Webasto engine preheat systems and truck cab “engine-off” auxiliary heaters offer a smart, affordable solution to one of the trucking industry’s most complex and costly issues: unnecessary idling.

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