3 pc. Ogee Door/Cabinetry Set 1/2 In.-Shank



The 3-piece door set is ideal for the professional woodworker in making elegant cabinetry. It includes the stile and rail bit as well as the panel raiser bit needed to make a complete door. The bits come in an elegant storage case. High quality Micrograin carbide tips that are precision ground provide superior wear resistance and sharp edges for the best finish. Improved hardness uniformity in shank and body resist breakage.


  • This set allows the woodworker to build doors from 3/4 In. thick to 7/8 In. thick wood
  • Close-tolerance manufacturing to ensure consistently smooth, tight-fitting joints
  • Micrograin carbide tips provide superior wear resistance and long life
  • Precision-ground carbide tips for sharper edges and smoother finish
  • Reusable storage case with a solid wood base and clear plastic top



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