48V 2A E-Bike Charger



The 48V Enerwatt EWC48-2 charger complies with the original manufacturer’s industry standards, making it an ideal replacement charging product or an extra solution charging unit for your electric vehicle. When still plugged, other conventional chargers keeps functioning even when the battery is fully charged, consequently overheating the battery unnecessarily that may cause irreversible damage. The 48V Enerwatt EWC48-2 charger is equipped with a battery management system that maximizes your battery lifetime and reduces the risk of damage to a minimum:

- Charges the battery to its optimum capacity: 100%!
- Stops automatically charging when the battery reaches its full rated capacity.
- Limits charging current levels to avoid overloading.

The 48V Enerwatt EWC48-2 charger comes equipped with a C13-type connector.
*If your 48V electric vehicle’s power input is incompatible with an C13-type connector, it is possible to substitute your new 48V Enerwatt EWC48-2 charger C13 connector with your electric vehicle charger’s original connector.

The indicator light indicates the status of the battery charge as well as system error recognition:
RED = charging mode.
GREEN = connected/charge complete.

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