Marinco Charge Pro Portable Battery Charger 1.1 Amp

$69.97 $89.97

Marinco has taken the best of their former Guest brand waterproof chargers and has added a host of new features and technology for ultimate performance and longevity in the marine environment. Digital microprocessor controlled, the Charge Pro chargers provide fast, accurate, ef cient, full battery charging. They automatically monitor battery power and begin the charge cycle when power is low or every 14 days. Charge Pro features include universal input (90-265V AC), IP65 rating, waterproof and sealed, programmable for ooded lead acid or AGM batteries. These new chargers meet stringent industry standards including UL, ABYC, USCG and the new CEC standard.


The Charge Pro Portables offer a versatile charging solution that you

can take with you in your car, truck, boat, motor cycle or anywhere

else you need power. Even your classic car can be charged with the

6V mode. The portables come with two sets of cables—one with ring terminals and one with alligator clips.

  • Charge ooded, AGM and Gel batteries

  • Microprocessor controlled for accurate charging

  • Intuitive operation

  • IP65 weatherproof housing

  • 120V AC/60Hz input & 230V AC/50Hz models

  • Designed for harsh marine and industrial environments – moisture, salt, shock and vibration tested

  • Meets global industry standards including UL, CE, CSA, ABYC, California ef ciency regulations (CEC)

  • 4 ft DC cable connects to 2 ft lead with ring terminals or 2 ft lead with alligator clips (both included)

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