So many applications including solar applications

Deep cycle for smaller solar setups! 200 Reserve Minutes of run time!

No matter what the application…no matter what the power demand…
Pow-R-Surge has the correct battery for the rigorous demands typical of marine service.

For over fifty years, Pow-R-Surge batteries have set the standard for the absolute
highest quality and most reliable performance in the industry. With their enviable
world class reputation, when you purchase Pow-R-Surge , you’ve purchased the best.

Features Benefits

100% maintenance free. No need to check fluid levels. Install it and forget it.
Pow-R-Surge YES > Most NO
Ideal for engine starting and/or trolling. Great multi-purpose battery.
Pow-R-Surge YES > Most NO
Faster recharging. For quicker turnaround time.
Pow-R-Surge YES > Most NO
Thick consistency of gelled electrolyte Eliminate the damaging effects and tight-pack construction. of vibration.
Pow-R-Surge YES > Most NO
Superd deep cycle design. Delivers exceptional deep discharge cycle service.
Pow-R-Surge YES > Most NO
Compu-cast, power-path grids and Maximum durability, power and life.
Sealed, recombinant construction with Eliminates dangerous spills, gasses and terminal corrosion

Resists damaging over-discharges. Longer life.
Easy to install. Convenient for hard-to-reach connection and hook-up.
Over 250 quality control checks. Guarantees highest quality, performance and reliability.
Broad line of sizes and types. For all your marine power needs.

Warranty – 2 Yr Free Replacement

Battery pricing is based on Exchange

*Special shipping requirements needed for this battery, please contact us for details.

Deka DC series spec Sheet

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