Duracell® Marine Battery - 27 Marine series



Duracell marine series, the ultimate in reliability and performance.  

*All Duracell batteries are North American made, 

Full 3 year replacement warranty!

** Best for Deep Cycle 
*** Best for Recreation and Trailers
**** Best for Marine, Fishing, Trolling motors


Specifically designed to withstand the rigors of long, deep discharges and long, slow recharges, our marine deep-cycle batteries stand above the rest in dependability and long life. Excellent recharge capabilities for lasting performance, trip after trip. Special features make transport and installation easier.

  • 20 amp hour rate:90
  • BCI Group Size:27
  • CCA at 0 degrees F:575
  • Contents:ONE EACH
  • MCA at 32 degrees F:715
  • Minutes at 23 amps:200
  • Minutes at 25 amps:175
  • Volts:12
  • Battery deposit charge may apply at check out

  • 3 Year Warranty
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