Morningstar ProStar PS-15M Controller 15 Amp with digital display



Morningstar’s ProStar™ is the world’s leading mid-range solar controller for both professional and consumer applications.

This is an all in one controller with digital display.

Key Features and Benefits
•Estimated 15 year life
•PWM series battery charging (not shunt)
•3-position battery select: gel, sealed or flooded
•Very accurate control and measurement
•Jumper to eliminate telecom noise
•Parallel for up to 300 amps
•Temperature compensated charging
•No switching or measurement in the grounded leg
•100% solid state
•Very low voltage drops
•Current compensated low voltage disconnect (LVD)
•LED’s to indicate battery status and faults
•Capable of 25% overloads
•Remote battery voltage sense terminals

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