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Proheat X-45 Truck Heater Kit - I&M Electric
  • SKU: PRO-PH0401P

Proheat X-45 Truck Heater Kit 45k BTU


“Eliminate Idling for Engine Start-up & Sleeper Comfort”

The Proheat coolant heater provides ample power (up to 45,000 BTU/hr) to heat both the sleeper and the engine for comfort and reliable cold starts.

Also a must need for any piece of heavy equipment. Effectively heats and circulates the coolant on the coldest days of winter.

Quick and Easy Equipment Start-up: Eliminates the need to idle your engine overnight to keep the engine warm
Optional programmable 7-day timer for advanced engine start-up
Thermostatically controlled fan in the sleeper provides ultimate personal comfort

Save Time and Money: Less idling results in lower fuel & maintenance costs
Low fuel and electrical power consumption – draws only 4 amps of electrical power for greater battery life
Helps drivers comply with local idling restrictions

Safe and Reliable Performance: Safety of a low flow, low pressure fuel system
Multiple safety shut-off features
Large, efficient sealed motors
On-board diagnostics & memory for easy downloading to a PC
2-Year parts and labor warranty (5 years on select components)

The X45 12V Truck Heater Kit (p/n PH0401) includes the heater, aluminum enclosure box, the installation kit and sleeper control kit with thermostat.

PH0404: Same as PH0401 excluding sleeper control kit – 24 Volt

PK0001 – 7-Day Timer