Proheat X30 Heater with Enclosure Box & Installation Kit



Proheat X30 is the next generation of diesel fired auxiliary heater you can rely on to tackle cold winter days. With 31000 BTU/hr of fluid heating capacity, the X30 is powerful enough to heat equipment and provide passenger comfort in one compact package. Packed with industry leading technology, the X30 provides heating performance you can depend on.

*Automatically detects 12 or 24 volt operation.

Get the Job Done Safely and in Comfort

The X30 provides pre-heat and auxiliary heat to help equipment and passengers perform in the coldest environments. The X30 integrates and smartly adapts to virtually any application to provide reliable performance. Combining new innovative technologies and over 25 years of heater know-how, the X30 is ready whenever and wherever.



Save Money

Reduce unnecessary engine idling and downtime to keep money where it belongs, your pocket. Turning off the engine and letting this highly efficient heater keep your equipment warm saves fuel and extends the life of your investment. Featuring modulating heat output and designed for extended maintenance intervals, the X30 delivers just the right amount of heat to suit your needs and maximize its longevity.



Reduce Emissions

An industry exclusive, the X30 uses closed loop combustion control to provide smoke free operation and optimal performance in almost any setting. Utilizing an O2 sensor to monitor exhaust emissions, the smart controls continuously adapt combustion parameters for best possible performance depending on operating temperature, altitude and environment.





The core of any heating system, the versatile X30 easily integrates into many different applications. Whatever the vehicle or equipment, the X30 has been developed with ease of installation in mind. The smart controls automatically adjust to system voltage and compensate for negative installation factors to deliver trouble free operation.



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