Stark 250 Watt Solar Module


SM-250 solar modules are a value priced 250W solar module that is an ideal building block for MicroFIT systems and all other applications. These quality built modules use only the highest quality poly-crystalline solar cells, designed and manufactured by industry leading suppliers. High transmission textured glass is used to take advantage of increased light diffusion and snow-shedding abilities. Finally, an anodized aluminium frame creates a rigid body to support the module in any application, residential/commercial rooftop to utility scale ground mount, and tracking systems.

  • HIGH EFFICIENCY – The SM-250 Module guarantees a positive output tolerance on every panel from [ 0 : + 5 W ]
  • HIGH-QUALITY COMPONENTS – Stark Energy is dedicated to using the highest quality components & procedures when selecting suppliers & manufacturers.
  • MULTI-CONTACT BRAND CONNECTORS – With Multi-Contact brand connectors, the SM-250 satisfies the 2015 ESA interpretation of the CEC rule that requires that only the same brand connectors can be used with SolarEdge and Enphase.

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