Stark 265 Watt 24 volt Solar Module

$289.00 $344.00

The Stark Energy SM-265-MC solar modules offer 10% more power per area than standard 250W 60 cell solar modules. They do this with super high efficiency mono crystalline solar cells. The SM-265M is a premium module that allows more power to be installed in space constrained roofs.

These solar modules are made using only the highest quality mono-crystalline solar cells, designed and manufactured by industry leading suppliers. High transmission glass is used to take advantage of increased light diffusion and snow-shedding abilities. Finally, anodized aluminum frame creates a rigid body to support the module in any application, residential/ commercial rooftop to utility scale ground mount, and tracking systems.


  • HIGH EFFICIENCY – More power per area than any other module. Mono Crystalline solar cells delivery more current in all light conditions.
  • POSITVE POWER - The SM-265-MC Module guarantees a positive output tolerance on every panel from [ 0 : + 3 W ]


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