SK3 - 'Sunny Powered' - 150 Watt RV Kit with Power Inverter



If you’re looking to keep your battery charged for the weekend and have the ability to watch a small TV and DVD player, this kit is for you.

The single 150 watt panel kit offers and approximate summertime output of 750 watt hours per day or 44.35 amp hours. It includes an Enerwatt 30 amp charge controller with digital display that will allow you to add more solar panels in the future.

It also includes a SAMLEX 800 Watt Power Inverter,  20 feet of array cabling, HD fuse holder and fuse, cabling to controller, mounting hardware, connectors, complete instruction booklet.


  • Enerwatt 150 watt solar panel Max Power Current (ISC) 8.87 amps

  • Enerwatt 30 amp Charge Controller with digital display

  • SAMLEX 800 Watt Power Inverter

  • Z brackets and mounting hardware for panel

  • 20 feet of UV protected solar cabling w/MC4 series connectors

  • Heavy Duty 100 amp ANL Fuse and fuse holder assy

  • Instruction booklet 

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